Italian-American Dual Citizenship


We offer a full range of services to help  you prepare your dual citizenship application. We can work in one of three ways depending on your preference and budget.

1.  We can acquire all of the necessary documents for you and prepare the application down to the last detail.

2. We can find the Italian documents needed and acquire them in the appropriate format for citizenship, while you gather and prepare the U.S. documents.  Guidance would be given in where and how to find the U.S. documents.

3.  We can simply find the Italian documents needed and acquire them in the appropriate format for citizenship.  You would do everything else concerning your citizenship application yourself.

Offering three ways of working provides options for our clients and enables anyone to be able to afford to reclaim their Italian citizenship!  Our hourly rate is $90 per hour, plus any expenses incurred in ordering the necessary records, and is billed monthly on the 15th, after the initial retainer of $900 has been exhausted.  This rate applies to any documents ordered from Italy [for dual citizenship purposes] but does not include document fees and apostille fees.  We feel that billing hourly is fairer for the client, as you only pay for the actual hours worked rather then for a package deal.

The cost of your project will depend on how many hours are spent and how much participation you wish in the preparation process.  Please email us at with the specifics of your ancestry and we will discuss what would be necessary for citizenship!

If you wish to prepare most of your citizenship application yourself, we suggest you purchase the course below that was offered through the Virtual Institute of Genealogical Research. It will give you a solid overview of the process and the Italian nationality laws that affect your application!

“Genealogical Applications of Dual Citizenship: Italian-American and Irish-American” by Melanie D. Holtz, CG and Melissa A. Johnson, CG