Virtual Institute to Offer Italian Genealogy Course

The own­er of Lo Schi­a­vo Genealog­i­ca, Melanie D. Holtz, will be teach­ing an inter­me­di­ate Ital­ian geneal­o­gy course for the Vir­tu­al Insti­tute of Genealog­i­cal Research this Octo­ber.  See the link below for more infor­ma­tion.

Ital­ian Genealog­i­cal Evi­dence Practicum

Come join us, as we are going to have a great time learn­ing about research­ing our Ital­ian ances­try! If you are unable to attend live, the course can be pur­chased from the Vir­tu­al Insti­tute’s store after its com­ple­tion.