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Italian Americans and those of Italian descent around the world have a unique and rich heritage. Now several generations past their immigrating ancestors, ...


Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC can provide professional genealogical research services on-site anywhere on mainland Italy, Sicilia, Sardinia, the Republic of San Marino ...

Italian Dual Citizenship

Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC offers many different types of services for those seeking to reclaim their Italian citizenship. We help clients prepare their paperwork...

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Lo Schiavo Genealogica offers several online learning opportunities to help you explore a deeper dive into Italian genealogy research and Italian dual citizenship...

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Helpful tips to Identify Your Immigrant Ancestors – Italian Ancestry – Part 5

When beginning your research and Italian records, it’s not enough to simply know your ancestors came from Italy. In fact, nearly all Italian records useful for genealogical  research were, and still are, created at the municipal or comune (town) level. Therefore, you won’t know in which town to research if you have it first on some other research, making the search for your ancestors very difficult.

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