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There are many fantastic websites to be found on the internet covering topics ranging from travel to italy to italian recipes to tips on moving to Italy.  Over the next few months, we hope to share some of the ones we treasure that may be of interest to you as well!

Recently, we shared an interview we did with Kathy McCabe, host of the website and television series Dream of Italy.  You can visit that here.  The following are also great sources for those that love all things Italy: 

  • Girl in Florence – this site was started about 8 ½ years ago by Georgette Jupe. She launched it as a ‘pet project in response to not being able to find resources in English about her beloved city of Florence. On the site, you can find tips on how to plan a visit, where to stay, and what to see and do while there. She also does a spotlight on locals who live there, too.

  • Elizabeth Mincelli – is another expat who now lives in Italy, full-time, with her family.  She has a home in Rome and in Umbria. She is a published author of several books and her most recent offering is The Italian Table as she is a big foodie when it comes to Italian recipes. She started her blog in 2009 which includes recipes, tips on day trips, and information on hosted visits.

  • Too Much Tuscany – This blog is managed by Valentina who loves living in Tuscany. She shares her stories of experiencing the “real” Tuscany by telling stories about hidden treasures.  She also offers audio guides through smart phone apps.

There are literally hundreds of blogs out there about how to live la dolce vita in Italy.  Here at Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC, Italy is the heart of home for us. We love to share free resources such as these to our visitors!

Fino alla prossima volta!

Tuscan countryside Italy

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