Traces of Fascism in Italian civil records: 1926 to 1945

(1) In 1926, Mus­soli­ni replaced pre­vi­ous­ly autonomous town may­ors [Sin­da­co] with author­i­tar­i­an offi­cers appoint­ed by the Fas­cist par­ty. An offi­cer of this type was called a PODESTA.’  

(2) Begin­ning in 1927, the cal­en­dar num­ber for the “Era Fasci­ta” [Fas­cist Era] was added to the date which by 1927 was year V. The fas­cist years changed on 28 Octo­ber mark­ing the “March on Rome” of 28 Octo­ber 1922.  

(3) In 1938, Mus­solin­i’s “Man­i­festo of Race” declared Ital­ians to be of the Aryan race and for­bade mar­riages of “aryans” to Jews or Africans. The iden­ti­fi­ca­tion of race on mar­riage records became required from 1942 and the XX Era Fasci­ta.