Italian Citizenship Services

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Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC offers many different types of services for those seeking to reclaim their Italian citizenship. They help clients prepare their applications for Italian citizenship via jure sanguinis, whether they are applying at a consulate or in Italy. Translation services are also offered for those non-Italian documents. Additionally, if there are discrepancies in your documents, we can help you amend those discrepancies or file a petition with the court to declare that the ancestors listed within the documents are all the same people.

If you’re not sure if you qualify,
we offer a free one-hour evaluation of eligibility!

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The owner of Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC has 20+ years experience and has assembled a team of highly qualified citizenship specialists to make sure all goes smoothly during your citizenship quest.  We have proven expertise in the field of genealogy, which can be very useful when acquiring and locating hard-to-find documents. We also we abide by a Code of Ethics.

For additional information on our specific services, see the following pages on this website:



3 Responses

  1. Bonjour
    Mes arrières grands parents maternels et paternels ont immigré en 1929
    Ma grand mère et arrière grand mère maternelled sont nées en Italie
    Mon grand père et arrière grand père paternel sont nés en Italie
    Comme d’avoir si ils ont renoncé à n’a nationalité Italienne merci

  2. I was born in Bolzano Italy. I have dual citizenship but curious how to get my kids dual citizenship too? They are 13

  3. I have recently received my genealogy report is their any chance of me becoming a Italian citizen

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