Italian Citizenship Services

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We go above and beyond in the work we do.  With offices in both Italy and the United States, we can offer research anywhere in mainland Italy, Sicilia, Sardinia, the Republic of San Marino, or any previously Italian parts of the world. Our team is the most experienced and professional in the business when it comes to Italian dual citizenship. We are the firm that other genealogy research firms, dual citizenship companies, professional genealogists, and military and governmental agencies come to for quality Italian dual citizenship research. We are well known for our abilities to find Italian records that other firms cannot locate.

Lo Schiavo Genealogica LLC offers comprehensive services for Italian dual citizenship applications via jus sanguinis. We offer various packages to meet your needs and you can learn more about those services by visiting the links below:

Italian Citizenship Services (In Italy)

Our owner, Melanie Holtz, has 20+ experience as a professional genealogist and has assembled a team of highly qualified citizenship specialists to make sure all goes smoothly during your Italian dual citizenship pursuit.  We have proven expertise in the field of genealogy, which can be very useful when acquiring and locating hard-to-find documents. We also abide by a Code of Ethics to ensure top level services.


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  1. Io sono 72 e sono gin Della schiava v3dova smith.on oklahoma city da 49 anni ho bologna di rinnivare passport dual e guida patente, ma mi hannn rubata tutto.aiuto.

  2. Bonjour
    Mes arrières grands parents maternels et paternels ont immigré en 1929
    Ma grand mère et arrière grand mère maternelled sont nées en Italie
    Mon grand père et arrière grand père paternel sont nés en Italie
    Comme d’avoir si ils ont renoncé à n’a nationalité Italienne merci

  3. I was born in Bolzano Italy. I have dual citizenship but curious how to get my kids dual citizenship too? They are 13

  4. I have recently received my genealogy report is their any chance of me becoming a Italian citizen

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