Italian Parish Marriage Records

Ecclesiastical Marriage Record of Michele Novella and Clara Risso

[Number] 7 7 July [1667]…marriage banns were posted on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of the previous month and no legitimate impediments were detected. I, Reverend Rector Pelosia, intend to unite in marriage Michele [Novella], son of the living Giuseppe Antonio Novella, and Clara [Risso], daughter of the living Pellegrino Risso, in this parish with the consent of and in the presence of Pellegrino [likely bride’s father], Lorenzo Costa, son of Antonio [Costa], and Michele Angelo, and the marriage was celebrated in the Mother Church on the 8th of the month.

COMMENTS: Clara’s father’s name was Pellegrino Risso and Michele’s father was Giuseppe Antonio Novella. They were both still living at the time of this marriage. The mothers of the bride and groom were not named.

Normally, marriage banns were posted a week apart. Therefore, the banns being posted three days in a row may signify there was a child on the way or that the couple had been caught in a compromising position, prompting the need to marry quickly. In this time period, simply flirting with a girl who was not accompanied by a chaperone was forbidden and could have precipitated a quick marriage. 

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