Italy Ancestry Webinars

Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC is thrilled to offer a series of webinars about tips on doing Italy ancestry research! Sessions offered cover a wide assortment of topics ranging from how to evaluate evidence to understanding records to how to access archives.

Italian Genealogical Evidence Practicum

This is a four part webinar series for the intermediate researcher in Italian genealogy. We discuss four case studies through which you’ll learn about research, sources, and evaluating genealogical evidence in Italian records. (Level: Intermediate)

Understanding Italian Ecclesiastical (Parish) Records

This is a four-part webinar workshop where we delve into the various types of parish records that are useful for genealogical research, not just the standard baptismal, death, and marriage records. (Level: Beginner-Intermediate)

The Proietti: Researching an Abandoned Child in Italy

This lecture focuses on a common problem in Italian genealogy, when our research encounters an abandoned child. Does our research end there? What resources could be used to further the research? What social and political intricacies were in play in these situations?

Italian Genealogy Case Study – Who Were the Ancestors of Giovanni Maria Marinoni Who Was Born About 1779 in Clusone, Italy?

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to use Italian parish records to research 17th and 18th century Italian ancestors. We’ll follow several families through time and see how given names, nicknames, and double surnames were used in this time period.

Italian Genealogy – Researching Onsite in Italy

This webinar teaches you best practices for accessing and using archives in Italy to research your Italian ancestors.

We work to the highest genealogical standards and are constantly studying and expanding our knowledge through a variety of educational opportunities.  While at times clients simply want us to find a document in an Italian archive, we go above and beyond simple document retrieval in the quality of our translation and analysis of each document. We share our knowledge in these sessions with the intention of empowering our clients and others who are interested in the work, to have access to helpful information.

If you have a question about researching your situation, Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC offers a free one hour evaluation of your genealogy or citizenship project. There’s no obligation!

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