Living Under a Tuscan Sun – The dream of owning a home in Italy

Many people are looking at ways to live la dolce vita by buying a home in Italy.  A majority of them focus on Tuscany or Umbria but there are many other gorgeous regions to consider.  There are also quite a few steps to the process but the number one thing is to love the house you are buying, as mentioned in this blog post by Nonna’s Mulberry Tree:

The inexpensive ones need a lot of work. Unless you speak Italian, I would suggest you hire an “Italian Friend” to help you search and translate discussions with owners, towns and contractors.  You may want to know about how much a renovation would cost before you commit.  Join us in Pontelandolfo and we can find a team to help you look for something cool.  

Sites to Help You Search for a House.

FaceBook Groups – Italy Property Under 50,000 Euro, Renovating Italy and Expats in Italy

Many people will take a DIY approach to finding their dream villa, but there is a great benefit to working with an attorney on some of the complicated matters of such a transaction. Here is an interesting YouTube series produced by a fellow who looks at different options and reasons to live in Italy. In one episode, it talks with a local resident of Apulia about why that region in the southern part of the country would make a fantastic place to retire.

All in all, the dream to live in such a beautiful country is something many of us think about and why not?  Who wouldn’t love to live la dolce vita? A country that offers over 100,000 square miles of beauty, delicious pasta, wine, and highly diverse climates would make a lovely home, don’t you think?

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