If you are seeking a guest to speak about Italian genealogy or Italian dual citizenship, I am available for podcast and video interviews. Please contact me with the details regarding your show. I would love the opportunity to speak to your audience.


We have launched a new offer!  The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide Podcast and a companion YouTube series!

  • Episode 1 – An introductory conversation with Melanie Holtz | Audio | Video
  • Episode 2 – Identifying your Italian Immigrants | Audio | Video
  • Episode 3 – Overview of Italian History & Research Tips | Audio | Video
  • Episode 4 – Understanding Italian Geography | Audio | Video
  • Episode 5 – Deciphering Italian Language, Names, & Surnames | Audio | Video
  • Episode 6 – Tracing Civil Records in Italy | Audio | Video
Stay tuned for additional episodes!

Both series are based on the contents of Melanie’s book – The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Family Tree in Italy – which is available for purchase.

We also offer excerpts from the book in our blog, too!

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