Meet the Team: Lucia Cusimano

Lucia Cusimano is a first-generation Italian American; she is Sicilian and Abruzzese.  Her parents were the quintessential Italian immigrants who worked hard, lived simply, and loved family. They always spoke of and shared stories of their Palermo and Abruzzo, and of course of their families. Lucia grew up a genealogist without even knowing it, as she asked them so many questions, and kept track of aunts, uncles, cousins, ages, what they did and where they were from. The family tree was a lifelong venture, and she finally visited her Italian family, and researched there in 2007 and 2019; and of course, plans to return.

Lucia holds a certificate in genealogical studies from Boston University, completed the 2020/2021 ProGen Study Group, an intensive fourteen-month study of Professional Genealogy, and has attended genealogical institutes, classes and webinars, focusing on traditional and Italian research.  She is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG), the New England Chapter, along with other local and Italian genealogical groups. In March 2022 she retired after 33 years of service as a police/fire Supervisor /dispatcher and brought those skills to her research with LoSchiavo. She is new to the LoSchiavo Genealogica Team and hopes to play an integral part in helping clients reach their goal of Italian citizenship and reunite them with their roots.

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