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Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC can provide professional genealogical research services on-site anywhere in mainland Italy, Sicilia, Sardinia, the Republic of San Marino, or any formerly Italian area of the world. There are many Italian archives that are not accessible from a distance, especially if you wish extensive work on your ancestors.

Prices will vary depending on how extensive the research needs to be and will include travel expenses from our office in southern Italy. Please contact us at for a quote, providing your research goals, a detailed summary of your previous research, and any documents relevant to the research.

Your information will then be evaluated and we will work together to define a research plan that will make the most of our time in the town of your ancestors.  Most of the on-site research will be performed by Michele Giove, manager of our Italian office, who resides in Italy.  Michele is a native Italian and has experience with all types of Italian documents.

Having a researcher on the ground in Italy helps to decrease a client’s project expense. On average, most projects cost around $700 per day, which includes all expenses.



Please contact us to discuss your project before making payment for on-site research. Appointments need to be made and occasionally access to an archive is denied. However, the majority of time we have no problem accessing the records.



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