Podcast: Italian Genealogy with Bob Sorrentino

Recently, Melanie was a guest on the Italian Genealogy podcast series produced by Bob Sorrentino:

I started Italian Genealogy Blog in February of 2019.  In the beginning I never dreamed that I would have over 128,000 views, a Facebook group with over 1500 members and a podcast with 21 episodes and many more scheduled.  Our posts range from how to start your research, stories about Italian Americans, interesting facts about the regions of Italy and much, much more.

Whether you want to start your own research, hire a professional to find your roots or help you with Italian citizenship, we have a post or a podcast to help you.  Or, just check out our podcasts to hear some interesting stories of people tracing their ancestors and their amazing finds. 

You can listen to the entire conversation here. Here is an overview of what they spoke about:

We work to the highest genealogical standards and are constantly studying and expanding our knowledge through a variety of educational opportunities.  While at times clients simply want us to find a document in an Italian archive, we go above and beyond simple document retrieval in the quality of our translation and analysis of each document. We think standards and education in the field are important. Because of this belief, a client is afforded protections and recourse, if our work was not up to professional standards.

The owner, Melanie D. Holtz, CG, is board-certified by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. Every five years, a portfolio of work must be submitted in order to remain certified.  This portfolio is judged by leaders in the field of genealogy and must show progression in the applicant’s knowledge of the field and specialty she works in.  Melanie also belongs to the Association of Professional Genealogists where she formerly served on the Board of Directors and the Professional Development Committee.

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