The Family Tree Genealogy Guide – Episode 1

Lo Schiavo Genealogica has launched a new service featuring information from Melanie’s book!

The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide: How to Trace Your Family Tree in Italy

The Family Tree Italian Genealogy Guide is a complete and reference guide to support you on your journey of researching your Italian family history. It can help you learn how to research your Italian ancestors, learn about the history of your ancestors, assist in finding out where they were born, and explore where they came from. It also provides tips on how to find the Italian documents you need for your citizenship application.

Each month, Dennise and Melanie will talk about content found in the book to help you on your journey of researching your Italian family tree! 

On Episode 1, a conversation with Lo Schiavo Genelogica owner, Melanie Holtz, about tips and resources for Italian genealogy research.


  • Discovering Your Italian Heritage
  • Jump-Starting Your Italian Research


  • Study and incorporate key genealogical principles, such as the difference between direct and indirect sources, as well as, primary and secondary information.
  • Begin with why you already know about your ancestors through family stories and files.
  • Create realistic goals,
  • Evaluate each document thoroughly.
  • Consult other resources and use the Genealogical Proof Standard.

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