The Food of Italy – è molto buono!!

Italy is known for its beauty, history, wine, and food – just to name a few! Food to the Italian is as important as good wine. For many outside of the country, it remains one of the favorite types of food to enjoy.

Of course, when we think of delicious food and Italy, pasta immediately comes to mind and there are many fantastic recipes to enjoy and make. You might want to check out the blog by Frank Fariello, Memorie di Angelina. Frank started the blog about a decade ago as a tribute to his nonna Angelina and since has been sharing his cooking adventures on the blog. There are thousands of blogs about Italian cooking but we came across this list of the top 20 blogs on Italian food assembled by Bella Cosa, a restaurant located in London, England.

Another Italian staple is bread. Do you know which one is the most well-known? Ciabatta! There are at least twenty other types to enjoy like focaccia, torta al testo, and even a recipe made by an Italian grandma. According to, the history of bread starts in Italy:

Although no one really knows when the first loaf was baked, bread has been around for thousands of years. The presence of stone utensils and ovens dating back to the Neolithic seems to be witness to this. Bread was initially unleavened, as the first yeast was introduced by the Egyptians around 4000 years ago. In ancient Rome bakers were considered important members of society, as bread had an essential role, both for nutrition and religion: it was usual to bake and offer ritual loaves of bread during festivals to the gods. This was actually so common that, often, ovens were even built in temples.

Romans were also the first to produce the type of flour needed to bake what is known today as “white bread”, and they improved wheat’s milling techniques. Around 100 BC, it is believed that Rome contained more than 200 commercial shops that baked and sold bread. About 200 years later, in 100 AD, a baking school was established in Rome.

Enjoying a meal in Italy is not a fast food experience. Meals are meant to be savored and enjoyed. The process of making delicious meals to share with family and friends is one of the ways they show their  love . So put on your apron and have a culinary adventure baking a loaf of bread!

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