Traces of Fascism in Italian civil records: 1926 to 1945

(1) In 1926, Mussolini replaced previously autonomous town mayors [Sindaco] with authoritarian officers appointed by the Fascist party. An officer of this type was called a PODESTA.’

(2) Beginning in 1927, the calendar number for the “Era Fascita” [Fascist Era] was added to the date which by 1927 was year V. The fascist years changed on 28 October marking the “March on Rome” of 28 October 1922.

(3) In 1938, Mussolini’s “Manifesto of Race” declared Italians to be of the Aryan race and forbade marriages of “aryans” to Jews or Africans. The identification of race on marriage records became required from 1942 and the XX Era Fascita.

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