Virtual Visit: Puglia

Puglia, a southern region forming the heel of Italy’s “boot,” and is known as the “Florence of the South” for its impressive baroque architecture. The Alberobello and the Itria Valley are home to “trulli,” stone huts with distinctive conical roofs. It is considered one of the richest archeological regions in the area. There are between 50 to 60 million olive trees in the area, and the region accounts for 40% of Italy’s olive oil production. 

According to,  silent film star Rudolph Valentino, 17th century Pope Benedict XIII, footballers Antonio Cassano and Marco Materazzi, Italian singer-songwriter (he co-wrote “Volare”) Domenico Modugno, and 1960s Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro are some of the famous former inhabitants of Puglia.

There is one ‘super fan’ of the area: Sophie Minchilli, an Italian who offers food tours in Rome when she isn’t in one of her most favorite parts of Italy. Speaking of which, it looks like she is setting up a tour of Puglia.  She also just published her first book – The Sweetness of Doing Nothing: The Italian Way of Living. 

Thanks to the site for a these fun facts about the region:

  • Puglia (pronounced poo-li-ya) is also known by the name of Apulia, and has a population of around 4-million.
  • Puglia is famous for its olive oil production.
  • In the past, Puglia was known as the ‘bread basket of Italy’.
  • Puglia has the longest coastline of any Italian mainland region.


You can read the entire list here.  You can also view this short video featuring some of its most memorable colors and beauty. Enjoy!

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