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Ital­ian Genealog­i­cal Evi­dence Practicum”


Ital­ian Eccle­si­as­ti­cal (Parish) Records”



Melanie D. Holtz, CG is avail­able for vir­tu­al webi­na­rs using the Zoom webi­nar soft­ware. Hav­ing a vir­tu­al option enables genealog­i­cal soci­eties and cul­tur­al orga­ni­za­tions to lessen the costs of hir­ing a speak­er.  $150 per webi­nar

Avail­able Webi­na­rs

From Venezia to Can­ta­nia: the Basics of Ital­ian Research” — This lec­ture is for the begin­ner in Ital­ian genealog­i­cal research. It cov­ers the intri­ca­cies of civ­il reg­is­tra­tion and the basics of eccle­si­as­ti­cal records.

Under­stand­ing the Reg­istri di Popo­lazione, Sche­da, and Foglio di Sta­to Famiglia” - This lec­ture dis­cuss­es the his­to­ry behind these valu­able records and how they can be used to ver­i­fy vital infor­ma­tion and track a fam­i­lies’ move­ments around the coun­try or world. This lec­ture is intend­ed for the inter­me­di­ate researcher in Ital­ian geneal­o­gy.

Ital­ian Civ­il Records (State Civile): Going Beyond the Basics” — This lec­ture dis­cuss­es more advanced records with­in Italy’s civ­il reg­is­tra­tion. Alle­gati [birth, death, and mar­riage supplements/attachments], Cit­tad­i­nan­za [cit­i­zen­ship] records, and Atti Diver­si [diverse acts] are dis­cussed. This lec­ture is intend­ed for the inter­me­di­ate researcher in Ital­ian geneal­o­gy.

The Proi­et­ti: Research­ing an Aban­doned Child in Italy” — This lec­ture focus­es on a com­mon prob­lem in Ital­ian geneal­o­gy, when our research encoun­ters an aban­doned child. Does our research end there? What resources could be used to fur­ther the research? What social and polit­i­cal intri­ca­cies were in play in these sit­u­a­tions?

Ital­ian Civ­il Records: Find­ing Errant Records” - This lec­ture shows how to find miss­ing civ­il records through the dis­cus­sion of sev­er­al case stud­ies. Often, the key lies in know­ing how the records were orig­i­nal­ly cre­at­ed and where they are con­served now.

Sta­to D’Anime [State of the Souls]: Dis­sect­ing These Valu­able Records” — The sta­to d’anime records can be a huge help to your research, espe­cial­ly dur­ing those time peri­ods that pre­cede civ­il reg­is­tra­tion in Italy. Learn how to access these records, how and why they were cre­at­ed, and how to eval­u­ate the evi­dence they con­tain.



The Fam­i­ly Tree Ital­ian Geneal­o­gy Guide: How to Trace Your Fam­i­ly Tree in Italy”

The Fam­i­ly Tree Ital­ian Geneal­o­gy Guide is the com­plete and up-to-date ref­er­ence mate­r­i­al on on the mar­ket today. Want to learn how to research your Ital­ian ances­tors? Want to learn about the his­to­ry of your ances­tors, find out where they were born, and explore where they came from? Do you want to learn how to find the Ital­ian doc­u­ments you need for your cit­i­zen­ship appli­ca­tion? All can be found in this book and more!

Below are a few of the great reviews we’ve received!!!

I wish I had this book years again when I was try­ing to research my Ital­ian his­to­ry. Since I am Ital­ian on both sides of my fam­i­ly and fell in love with Italy 20 years ago I had to research my Ital­ian her­itage the hard way, it would have been much eas­i­er if I had this book then. The back­ground and cul­tur­al pit falls that one might find are eas­i­ly explained and a solu­tion for them clear­ly writ­ten help­ing you to find the infor­ma­tion you need.

Mil­lions of us have Ital­ian ances­tors who came to the US in the 1800s and 1900s. For those of us who are inter­est­ed in find­ing out more about these immi­grant ances­tors as well as their lives and fam­i­lies back in Italy, this book is an essen­tial tool! Besides being writ­ten in a clear and easy to fol­low style, the book out­lines a step-by-step approach to research­ing our Ital­ian ances­tors in a way that would help any of us be more effi­cient and pro­duc­tive. The chap­ters are well defined with key points and research skills out­lined at the end of each chap­ter. The author pro­vides insights into Ital­ian his­to­ry, geog­ra­phy and law that are crit­i­cal to ful­ly under­stand­ing the records she will help us dis­cov­er. The book also con­tains many up-to-date resources and exam­ples to fol­low. I have been research­ing my Ital­ian ances­tors for about four years, but I have still learned a great deal from read­ing this book. I only wish I had it right from the start!

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Ital­ian Research Guides for Genealog­i­cal and His­tor­i­cal Research

Lo Schi­a­vo Genealog­i­ca is proud to announce their cur­rent and upcom­ing pub­li­ca­tions of Ital­ian Research Guides, designed to help you fur­ther your genealog­i­cal and his­tor­i­cal research in Italy. The research guides are full of valu­able infor­ma­tion about the col­lec­tions held in Italy’s archives, libraries, his­tor­i­cal soci­eties, and oth­er repos­i­to­ries with­in each province. They also include infor­ma­tion on access, reg­u­la­tions, per­mis­sions, and oth­er infor­ma­tion use­ful in gain­ing access to these resources!

The Ital­ian Research Guides will be avail­able in the fol­low­ing e‑reader for­mats: Kin­dle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, and Google­Play. Hav­ing the guides in an elec­tron­ic for­mat will make them eas­i­er to trans­port and con­sult while research­ing onsite in Italy!

Price: $14.95 each

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