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Why Should You Hire Lo Schiavo Genealogica, LLC?

We work to the highest genealogical standards and are constantly studying and expanding our knowledge through a variety of educational opportunities.  While at times clients simply want us to find a document in an Italian archive, we go above and beyond simple document retrieval in the quality of our translation and analysis of each document. We think standards and education in the field are important. Because of this belief, a client is afforded protections and recourses, if our work was not up to professional standards.

The owner, Melanie D. Holtz, is a professional genealogist with 20+ years experience in the field. Melanie also belongs to the Association of Professional Genealogists where she formerly served on the Board of Directors and the Professional Development Committee.

We go above and beyond in the work we do.  With offices in both Italy and the United States, we can offer research anywhere in mainland Italy, Sicilia, Sardinia, the Republic of San Marino, or any previously Italian parts of the world. Our firm did extensive research in Corsica, France, an area once ruled by the Genoese.

Our team is the most experienced in the business. We are the firm that other genealogy research firms, dual citizenship companies, professional genealogists, and military and governmental agencies come to for quality Italian research. We are well known as being able to find Italian records that other firms cannot locate.

We work at a fair hourly rate plus expenses, except for specific Italian document requests which have a set rate.  We feel working at an hourly rate is a transparent way to work and therefore fairer to our clients.  We can work within any budget and will be honest if your budget does not appear to allow enough time for the requested work.

We do this work full-time which means that we can give your project the detailed attention it deserves!  The owner gives personal attention to each project and guides the research in the appropriate directions. This is where Melanie’s education and board-certification comes into play. She has the knowledge to clearly define an initial research plan, evolve the plan as the research progresses, and make sure that our clients are provided with a quality research product.

We think our work speaks for itself. We believe that understanding the history behind the records and providing any cultural context necessary to understand the records is an important part of truly understanding your Italian ancestors. All of this and more can be found within our research reports.

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