Word of the Month – Estate (summer)

Everyone loves summer.  It is the time of year for many to get out of the city to enjoy the cool breeze at the beach or the hills in the countryside.

In Italy, the official start of summer is August 15 with the Ferragosto holiday. However, with many Italians staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans are changing and many tourist attractions will see only a small amount of tourism.    Some areas that are recommended are beaches in Tuscany, for example.

There are many adventures to be enjoyed in Italy. These can range  from walking the Amalfi Coast to exploring the many hidden treasures Italy has to offer. Many leave the details to local guides who create   experiences of a lifetime. 

But if a summer adventure to Italy must be postponed, here are a list of a few good books to read to whet your appetite for Italy:

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